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For the past year I have been getting eMail, lots of it, I lost count 
after an error with my eMail client, but it was over 60 thousand then.
In all of these eMails I get practically the same questions and just
recently a new flood of eMails has happened due to the new album by
silverchair. I might as well answer a few of the questions I get all
the time.

Q:  Are you jealous of the boys of silverchair.
A:  No, this is a pointless question asked by many who have just skipped
    the movies and went straight to the feedback page. My pages were made
    for humor, not an attack of the boys. To be truthful, i am happy that
    silverchair have a new album out, because my pages once again have
    been the focus of silverchair fans.

Q:  How old are you/What do you look like/Can i meet you.
A:  This has been the most asked question. Personally, I will rarely tell
    anyone on who I am or what I do. Just common sence.

Q:  Are you really daniel/chris/ben pretending to be a grum?
A:  Certainly not.

Q:  Is it true that you are mentioned in silverchair's new album?
A:  I have no idea, perhaps there is a reference to me, but to my
    knowledge they wouldn't give a rats ass about me.

Q:  Can I make a 'I hate _____ web page'?
A:  Sure, why ask me?

Q:  Why do you say that silverchair rip off anyone? They are 100% original!
A:  Don't be left in the dark - there are hundreds of similarities
    with silverchair and other bands - just open your eyes.

Q:  Why do you waste all this time on making a web page like this?
A:  Well, there was hardly any time wasted on this. These pages were
    created over a year ago, and even then I created them while on IRC,
    so I didnt take all my 'valuable' time and make these pages.
    Anyway, these pages arent massive, they didnt take me years to make, 
    they are very basic and anyone who knows html knows that it dosent
    take a lifetime to make a web page.

Q:  Why do yu say silverchairs music makes people kill themselves? 
A:  In the past, (im a bit hazy on details since it was so long ago) a 
    boy killed his parents (correct me if im inacruate) and blamed the murder
    on a silverchair song - details are not exact here but i know for a fact 
    that a silverchair song was used as a reason for murder.

Q:  Im gonna make a 'i hate grum page', what do you think about that?
A:  Go ahead, it'll make my pages much more popular.

Q:  Why dont you make a page on a band you like instead of this?
A:  I made the pages for originality and humor, not to be another 'i love ___'
    page - you can find millions of those pages on the net.

Q:  Is it true i saw your site on tv/radio/the papers?
A:  Probably so, my web site has been on tv, radio and the press all round
    the world.

Q:  You cant spell, why don't you fix up your web pages.
A:  I am not totally dedicated to these pages, if there is an error, please
    point it out to me - i dont analyze these pages in great detail.