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The below is what I would call the 'bad' eMails
I get. What you see is each not so nice eMail I had gotten
for a specific week in the past. Over the months,
Thousands of these lame eMails (most from aol) slowly
pass by my eyes.

Normal text is the eMail italics is my comment
(not my reply as I do not have a copy of my replies).

Excuse the language

From For one thing sence is spelled "sense" not " sence". (At least that's the way we spell it in South Carolina, USA) Also, I know you may be tired of silverchair just like I'm getting tired of some bands too,(I happen to one of silverchair,s #1 fans.) but a lot that stuff you said about them is not true. Why do people seem to be so picky with spelling mistakes? Real web authors don't need spell checkers :) And why does every silverchair fan seem to think he/she is the #1 fan?
From Sorry, you're wrong. You have every right to hate whatever band you want to, but silverchair doesn't sound like nirvana. Maybe they sound like some other band, but nirvana isn't it. I can point out similarities in certain silverchair songs to tool, helmet, and yes, pearl jam. but pearl jam has the classic rock sound. you can't be a real alternative band without sounding a little like pearl jam, so that doesn't count. If you had listened to all the nirvana albums, you would know what I mean. Every nirvana album sounds different, and so you can't rip them off, and besides, silverchair uses a lot more chords. It's just pointless to say that a band is ripping off another band anyway, because EVERY band sounds like their influences. Nirvana totally ripped off a few bands, much worse than silverchair did. I don't hear anyone complaining about THAT. Don't get me wrong, I loved Nirvana, but isn't it better to have similarities in sound to a band that is successful and has money, than to totally rip off a band that hasn't achieved success yet, commercialize their sound a bit, make millions of dollars and leave them without recognition? that is a LOT worse. and every band gets compared to nirvana, smashing pumpkins gets compared to nirvana and they are so different. the only ways silverchair is similar to nirvana are the haircuts, the number of members and the clothes. ZZZZzzzzZZzz.z..z..z.z.z...... finished yet?
From I love silverchair! Even though I had laughs on the comments of other viewers. Your movies are sick and distastefully stupid. Even though everyone is entitled to an opinion, I am entitled to mine. Freakshow the word more or less emplys to your web site, you are doing this for attention and some how or another getting it. Again silverchair is great and Daniel Johns is hotter then any of you guys actually believing in this crap! Sick and distastefully stupid? thats the beauty of them. Violence is what drives gives this planet the unique edge in the galaxy - that and the fact that there is no other intelligent life out there to invent the idea of voilence. And who said onyl guys read my web pages? there are lots more female members of the net population eMailing me, and it seems that the female population on the net are smarter then the guys. Most guys flame without reading the site, females are bright enough to read the site first, then eMail me.
From I respect your right to an opinion and all. I mean, I love Silverchair and have as much right to love them ans you do to hate them, but why spend time whipping up so many negative feelings making a page on why you hate them? Shouldn't you be making a page for bands you love? I think so. This is NOT a flame or anything, just an observation and a critique. I will give you SOME credit. I think they have quite afew fans who just go to their show because it might be trendy or cool. I personally don't. I have a genuine appreciation for the band and what they do. Sure, I have sexual feelings for the band too! I laughed at your comment of how they would feel up their girl fans though. I surely would not mind if Daniel felt me up!!!! WOW!!! :) Another person who hardly relises the humor of the site. "surely would not mind if Daniel felt me up" ? why does that not suprise me? these teenyboppers hardly have personal morals these days. sad.
From I laughed I cried..but your page still sucks!! Why don't you bash someone else worth bashing! Like Vanilla ice! I have had abuse before, but being asked to do vanilla ice? c'mon - thats just too cruel.
From UU.NET silverchair (emphasis on lower case letters) is great and they deserve every bit of fame they're getting! I love Daniel Johns. He's a piece of skin, and a wicked singer. You're website is pretty good but you shouldn't focus on dissing bands from you're own country. BYE!! Piece of skin? Thats a freaky thought. Most people are more then a pile of skin, i guess Daniel is less of a person then we all thought. And what the hell is this 'diss' word. Damn american culture.
so, you hate Silverchair?! So are you just jealous or what? Because they are young and cute and they've got sexy accents, and they have talent coming out of their ears? They dont rip off anyone anyone, they are super cool musicians. I do , however, have a sense of humor and I think that you actually love Silverchair and just cant admit it for one reason or another.So who else do you hate? Just out of curiosity. write back! Young and cute? is that what the world is after? Go and have a baby and oodle at that. And yes, I do love silverchair - in fact ill be going to their concert, right after i finish microwaving this kitten. Gee what fun