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On IRC, a freind of mine (names are changed to avoid flames aimed at him) started talking 
about frogstomp, I thought it was quite a good analysis on why sc sucks, so I have decided 
to show everyone else what was said.

[joe]  I'm just listening to freakshow atm.
[grum] Why?, that's just plain disturbing.
[joe]  Borrowed it from a friend. Just comparing it to frogstomp. Wanna hear
       what I think? :)
[grum] If It's against the album, sure.
[joe]  Yea. Well this is a fair critical analysis. I'm not holding the fact
       they are 17 against them. First of all, It's too polished. It doesn't
       have that rawness that I like. eg. feedback between songs. Also, 
       they've done shit on there that couldnt be pulled off live. eg. songs
       with sitar and cello's ect. more suited for an unplugged. (unplugged
       for when they break up soon) one of the songs is like a song like 
       nirvana so much it is *not* funny. same strumming and drumming, just
       a different key.
[grum] Which song?
[joe]  Their accoustic is just plain *shit* um, Lie To Me. also, they lyrics
       which they claim are "Black lyrics" are just crap. including the song
       titles. the artwork and concept for the album is abosoute crap as 
       well. at least they didnt put that gay lalma shit in.
[grum] compared to their first cd release "freak" - the other songs better
       or worse?
[joe]  i personnaly like freakshow better. "Slave" is a really good song
       because of its use of bass. freak is shit. black lyrics are surposed
       to be lyrics which you can only decipher when really stoned. :) these
       are just garble. they dont really have a unique sound. the music is 
       more of a more polished barre chord version of nirvana's music. you
       can tell in most songs hes aimed to sound like another band. like
       slave sounds kinda RATM like, cemetery sounds like a accoustic song
       by pumpkins. for example hes screaming in this song "learn to hate"
       but its not raw enough. likes hes edited it to be harmounious w/ the
       music. the arrangement of riffs into chourus/verses ect suck. and 
       there is a major lack of instrument solos. anyway, i think a few of
       the songs would sound a trillon times better if they just plugged all
       the instruments into direct inject boxes into the sound board, set a 
       few levels and just hit rec. give it a real earthy feel with drummer 
       counting in ect. thats my $0.02. oh, that song "Lie to me" sounds 
       like "tourettes" by nirvana. i give freakshow a 4 out of 10.