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The below is some of the positive eMail i get.
Basically all my good eMail is nearly identical
to what you see below. Kinda bores things for me
to see most of the hundreds of eMails I get are
practically identical

I come from Newcastle NSW and I am now ashamed to Admit it now that those stupid faggots that call themselves Silverchair came from there. I read some of the mail from your previous site and i have some points to add. I used to teach guitar and i had heaps of teenybopper students come to me and ask to learn their crap songs and I came up with this: Israels Son is a rip off of Why go by Pearl Jam; Pure Massacre is a rip off of Glorified G by Pearl Jam; Abuse me is a rip off of No Excuses by Alice In Chains, Freak is taken from about a million other songs from the past; Track 6 from Freakshow (can't think of the title) is pinched from Kashmir and The Song Remains the same by Led Zeppelin. The only thing they have changed from album to album is what era of musicians they have pinched riffs from. Also, piece of goss for you: Johnsy's guitar technician plays all his solos on Silverchair records, and they can't even go to school anymore in Newcastle as everybody wants to kill them there. Once again, cool site. By the Way, whens the I Hate Alanis Morrisette and I Hate The Spice Girls pages coming? The spice girls wouldn't be bad if you had naked pictures of them though. Well Done!! Look forward to seeing it again in future!
Dude!..haha.......face it! You fucking rule.. Face it.......Silverchair don't! Bwahahahaha...Loved the site:) I have a punk band in Perth and I was insulted to see on the front of silverchairs new albumb..."3 new punk songs" ....Yeah! punk! They are as about punk as my grandma.. well ne way.....Cool site and I hope it gives heaps of teeny boppers the shits:)
your page rocked! it was #$%@in hilarious! i laughed the shit out of myself at the movies. can u maybe explain the dog joke to me please? well thats all. bye.
Ok, so it's a waste of time, but what a way of wasting it! Real cool. [I particularly liked the picture of Daniel] ;-)
it was actually funny...but I do like silverchair...and it seems to me that you could be JEALOUS....I'm just messing around with you....
Dear Grum...Im in canada right now im 16, im an Ozzy and I don't like Silver shit but I do think Daniel Johns is amazing. to bad they cant write music. Shit man I think I should give them a break, no they realy do suck!!!! I write better music and im not getting payed to. Love you Monica
I was just wondering how you got the info that they hate each other. I like your movies even though I like silverchair. Leah
You have an absoluely wonderful site on your hands, and I just can't congratulate you enough for runnig it. Do you have ceremonial bashings/burnings of Silverchair CD's? I suppose that it's a toss up between having a stress relief session and wasting $29.95 on a CD in the first place. Once again - well, well done.
WOW!!!! I don't know quite what to make of your page. it's interesting though. i may not agree with you about silverchair, but you ARE good at satire/dark humour. So you don't like them? Well, that's your right. I can respect that. I didn't read anywhere on these pages that you hate their fans and that their fans should die or anything like that so why should I flame you? I have read a lot of other hate pages and this one is actually pretty intelligent. I may not agree with lots of your reasons for hating them (i personally like that lil' frog) but it is funny in a twisted sorta way. Maybe you'd like them more if Daniel, Chris, and Ben came under my sexual control!!! :)
old buddy old pal! what a page! you're a genius for making such a great page! i could suggest that you not be so nice to these "KIDS" who can't play or sing for shit! the lead singer seems to try to copy eddy vedder from pearl jam. just notice how he tries to mumble the word just like Ved'. anyways keep up the good work and don't listen to any other dicks that tell you otherwise! what about the children, are we gonna have some or not?
I dig your page alot. I've linked it to my weird web page. It's called Section VIII. If you want to link it or see it the address is: Take it easy, Josh
SILVERCHAIR SUKZ!! I think they are just a bunch of whinning Little brats who think they are all cool.I am also sick of hearing that incredably pointless song "abuse me on the Radio all the time. Don't the radio stations have anything better to do then to waist they're time on a peice of S**t band Like silver chair. I personally don't think a band that has to have their parents on tour with them is cool. thank you for this Page becouse I don't know who I could have told all this to sinc all my friends are weenies who obsess about silver chair.
I HATE SILVERCHAIR they SSSUUUCCCKKK!!!My god I thougt my kid brother was annoying. S**T Daniel is the most obnoxious whinney little twurp I've ever seen and here in america EVERY BODY makes such a big deal about them I feel like Iam about to ralf(throw up)every time I hear their lame excuse for music.Whats with that song "abuse me" If he wants abuse hell I'll give him a beating He'll be singing about.Daniel Has an annoying voice I can't say I've seen them in concert Becouse I wouln't wast 25 bucks on Panty stains with no talent. thanks for letting me get that out.I feel alot better
Thank you for bringing to the "Young Teenyboppers" of the world this great, wonderful, tremdously hilarious web site. A special cyber round of applause for Master Grum! from yet another Silverchair Despiser