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[grum]  how do you guys liked being hated by thousands of people around the
        world? im sure you guys know this, why, having various objects thrown
        at you at numerous concerts should give you an idea of how much
        peopleout there hate you.
[Chris] grum: hate's a negative energy. there's better ways to spend your
[Chris] grum: part 2 - then why the fuck do they pay money to come to the gig
        and waste their precious time at the show?
[Chris] grum: is there a band you like? maybe you would be a happier person if
        you did positive things, not that it bothers us that you hate us. i'm
        sure there's people that hate you, but you just gotta deal with it. in
        fact, why are you wasting your time on this?

Shortly after this, an IRCop went and killed me (for the irc-illiterate, they booted me 
off the server). I immediately jumped back on to ask another question.

[grum]  a kill. gee darn. i host the 'official 'i hate silverchair' web pages'
        and have gotten tens of thousands emails from people supporting the
        hate of you boys. im sure they dont need defending from an ircop, they
        must be used to the random abuse they get and deserve.
[chris] grum, I am also an oficial member. Fuck you.

This time, instead of a kill, the ircops went and G-lined me (global banned me from the 
server for 1 hour). What a waste of an interview.

Although i do respect the views of the irc operators who killed and banned me, i did try 
to be as polite as possible to avoid the kills. Obviously i could of been much more harsh 
to the boys of silverchair, but afterall, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to 
chat to them, shame that people out there are too ignorant to relise the questions i asked 
were properly set out and much more intelligent compared to the other anti-silverchair 
comments thrown out by other non-silverchair fans.

Chris of insurge had a small interview with me on IRC about silverchair [grum] as a regularity, in all these red interviews, i have to ask one questions. what do you, chris, think of the band silverchair? :) would you a) kill, main, destroy, or b) kiss, love, shower with gifts, or c) all of the above. [chrisd] grum: i particularly liked when Daniel copped an apple in the face at livid [grum] daniel copped an apple at livid? ooh.. i could kiss the person who did that [duff] so are silverchair not nice chris? [chrisd] grum: he really dropped his guard and said in a really camp voice, 'oh stop it!' [unsane^] wow a musician whos not afraid to admit he doesnt like silverchair [chrisd] duff: but generally they're just young kids and you gotta love young rock'n'roll people [chrisd] but not their music (silverchair) [Solace] Silverchair are the saddest thing to happen to oz music
The members of tumbleweed came on IRC for an interview. Below is a mini transcript. Grum: if you were locked in a room with the members of silverchair, and you had a rusty axe on you, which member would you kill first? daniel, chris or ben? Ritchie: be nice to silverchair Ritchie: get it up ya. we hate you too
Its nice to see that celebs out there are willing to talk about silverchair. I think